Dry port via railway connecting the Persian Gulf Yazd

Technical Assistant Department of railway Yazd construction of a dry port within 30 kilometers of Yazd and said: We work with the completion of the railway Yazd – Eghlid Yazd province to the dry port attached to goods easily from the Persian Gulf to the port transfer.

Media of various rail projects visited in Yazd province, one of the most important railway project Bafg – Yazd – Yazd Branch – duck – Zarrin Shahr Isfahan as the second line, followed by a two-track railway valleys – Bandar Abbas made.

According to the report, as the province of Yazd province is located in the center of the road transit corridors North – South and East – West, and thus plays an important role in rail transit goods due to Bandar Abbas railway connection through the valleys.

According to the report, Technical Assistant Department of Yazd train hits with reporters on the sidelines of rail projects in Yazd province to talk about pay.

According to A. Same 973 km railway line in Yazd province that the corridors North – South and East – West is connected.

He continued: We tried to aim Director railway, the railway become the country’s large workshop in the country, in the province of Yazd be achieved.

Same pointed out that the current projects in two sections of the Directorate General of Yazd railway passenger and garlic and movement, said 28 passenger trains in the province are active 24 hours a day are 14 thousand passengers.

Technical Assistant Department of Yazd Railways said last year 12 million tons of cargo was transported by rail in Yazd province which is equivalent to 30% of the country’s rail cargo.

Stating that 85 percent of 94 targets were achieved in the cargo section, said the station’s service sector more than 2 billion USD project for the current year is defined.

He announced the establishment of a dry port in Yazd province and said the dry port 30 km railway axis of Yazd in Yazd – Mehriz which we have planned, railroads Rkhsh- Eghlid dry port to be connected.

Technical Assistant Department of Yazd Railways said the railway Yazd – Eghlid 274 km long and includes 12 stations.

the rails will push to achieve the national vision and the other with reduced fuel consumption roads have safe and clean.

Zarrin Shahr there has been a major center for the production of goods.

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